Acrowizard - Overview

ACRO Wizard software - Taking the hassle out of creating acronyms

Did you know that the first acronym was only recorded in 1892?  A little over a century later, it seems like acronyms have taken over the way we communicate on a daily basis, particularly in the business world.

Think about it.  Many of us work for an acronym, have job titles that are acronyms and even work on projects that are acronyms.   

For many professionals, learning and using acronyms within our area of expertise or responsibility is a fairly straightforward proposition.  However, for those individuals that are responsible for preparing RFI’s, RFP’s or other technical documents, effectively managing and presenting acronyms within a document can be a time consuming, repetitive and frustrating experience.

Having experienced the challenge of acronym management within our own organization, our team at Anvil Logic created AcroWizard to bring order and efficiency to the acronym management dilemma.

While we can’t slow down the creation of acronyms in the workplace, we can promise you that AcroWizard will help you get control of acronyms while saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

How It Works
The AcroWizard software was developed as a Microsoft Word “plug in” with a key feature that analyzes your document and builds an accurate table of acronyms in seconds. Not only does AcroWizard find acronyms, it also finds acronym definitions that exist either in the document, within a database repository or even via the Internet. AcroWizard allows you to easily check to see if an acronym is defined in a document and if so, then whether it is defined at first use or not. This information can be included in the resulting table of acronyms.

Anvil Logic offers two versions of the AcroWizard product: 

>> AcroWizard Personal Edition for use on an individual desktop

>> AcroWizard Enterprise Edition for acronym management across an organization